Took my boys and a couple of their mates (12-13yrs). It was dead Easy to book, and to register the drivers details ahead of time. Loads of overalls and helmets etc, all clean and tidy. The kids loved it and were talking about it for the rest of the weekend. The staff were particularity attentive to one of the boys who was a bit nervous, really encouraged him and assured him. things like that go a long way, We really appreciated it.
Arrive & Drive – March 2022


The staff were really helpful. They let the 2 youngest have a go on there own as the adults were competitive. Everyone had a great day. Thank you so much to the staff. It isn’t easy to organise such a large group. Would recommend!
Private Hire – October 2021


We booked a stag do with Anglia karting last Saturday and I honestly can’t praise them enough, the service and team working there are brilliant, from the sales department, helping organise the event, to the employees at reception and the pit crew lads, all fantastic. I HIGHLY RECOMMMED IT. Especially the grand prix experience.
Full Grand Prix – September 2021


Excellent track, good karts and run very well. We had loads of fun! Arrive & Drive – October 2020


Brill Place! Lovely staff. Arrive & Drive – October 2020


Had a brilliant time here, the staff are very friendly and professional, they will advise you what you need and will give you the best service possible, nothing is too much trouble and they were completely non-judgmental when we enquired about my larger scale family member fitting into a kart. Arrive & Drive – October 2020


Great fun! Arrive & Drive – October 2020


Great fun session for my son’s birthday. 36 laps “arrive & drive”. Super organised, felt very “COVID” safe.
Will definitely be back.

Arrive & Drive – October 2020


All the staff on the day were friendly and courteous. Full Grand Prix – September 2020


All the staff were great. Arrive & Race – August 2020


Race starter was very friendly. Full Grand Prix – March 2020


All the staff on the day were great. Full Grand Prix –  February 2020


Young lady at the desk was great. Cadet party – February 2020


My only issue was weight and thought maybe if everyone was somehow the same weight it would have been closer races as I was left standing and couldn’t make up the gap once I was going. Other than that a great day out and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Full Grand Prix –  February 2020


I thought the whole experience was great, I had never visited the track before so was my first experience at in door Karting. We had a mini Grand Prix which was great as there were only eight of us so we all got to the final. The Karts were responsive and I thoroughly enjoyed racing. Mini Prix –  February 2020


Good amount of time on track; health and safety was a bit long. Mini Prix –  January 2020


Everything was run super smoothly. Full Grand Prix –  January 2020


Very friendly staff and the children had a brilliant time. The food wasn’t great quality but the children didn’t mind. Only minor point was the party bags were handed out just before the food arrived which created a bit of chaos, would have been better to save until the end. Overall though, a great party thank you. Cadet Party –  January 2020


Great help on the track and support with races, thank you. Private Hire –  December 2019


We found that this event was Well organised,staff knew what they were doing a big thumbs up 👍. The guy on reception was great. Full Grand Prix –  December 2019


Very well run , great staff. Full Grand Prix –  December 2019


Excellent race organisation and timings. Enforcement of ‘no contact’ rule needs to be a lot better. Mini  Prix –  December 2019


The safety briefing was on point. All the staff were equally as good. Full Grand Prix –  December 2019


Excellent day enjoyed by all thank you. Full Grand Prix –  December 2019


I thought your staff were very well trained and made sure of everybody’s safety. They all did a good job. Full Grand Prix –  December 2019


I very much liked the electric cars! The staff clearly did not understand how to talk and communicate effectively with children. Cadet BP –  December 2019


The staff were fantastic with all of us and explained everything really well and made sure we had a great time. Private Hire –  November 2019


The party went very well and was well enjoyed, however at the point of booking a month or so ago I did confirm that the drivers would be on the “Petrol” go karts, therefore I was a little disappointed that they were in the electric go karts upstairs. Whilst still enjoyable I didn’t quite get what I thought I had ordered. The gentlemen on the front counter was very friendly and helpful. Cadet Party –  November 2019


Staff were great and very helpful. The marshals were fantastic! Really good with the children and keeping them safe. The only let down was the food. Which was brought out 25-30 mins before the children finished karting. So was cold and dried up. Cadet Party –  October 2019


Explained rules clearly and treated us all the same whether men/ women young/old. Arrive & Race –  September 2019


Very helpful ladies on reception and the chap who sorted out our race heats. Very accommodating. Private Hire –  September 2019


My son Jake had a fantastic party and his friends loved it. The staff were SO helpful on the day!.Kubz Party –  July 2019


Staff were very accommodating for an 8yr old party. It started late due to an accident on A14 and some children delayed (this was not a problem at all with the venue) and I think probably overran because it took time to swap kids each go. If I had to give a work on point I would say it might be easier if there was a safety brief aimed at children, though it was counteracted with comprehensive Q and A before going on track. All the staff were very helpful when I needed candles, drinks etc…… usually you would expect the attitude of staff towards the extras(anything not karting) to be less than par, but they all helped when asked with a willingness that was appreciated Cadet Party –  July 2019


Great Staff! Cadet Party –  July 2019


The only issue we had was that by the time we got out of the Kart after a race we could not see our times as they had already changed over.Full Grand Prix –  July 2019


It was a smooth process from start to finish – staff were attentive and honest. For the signing in part, perhaps that could be emailed out prior to the event to lessen the waiting time to start – Year 6 children aren’t very patient!!! School Private Hire –  July 2019


I didn’t note his name, but whoever was on reception on Friday 19th July at 9pm, he was brilliant – finding a XXXXL suit for one of our party. Nothing too much trouble.Friendly and helpful. All instructions were clear and we all had a great time. Thank you!. Private Hire –  July 2019


Overall experience was superb- only down thing was lack of ventilation/ air conditioning in venue room – with temperatures soaring up it was unbearable there, children were wearing racing suits- temperature should be properly controlled in that area. Kubz Party –  July 2019


The karts were nice & fast. School Private Hire –  July 2019


Only downside is the track size/length. Consider expanding? Private Hire –  June 2019


I’m sorry I don’t know his name, but a gent of approx 20 yrs old with longish hair was great. Kids Activity Day –  May 2019


All the staff were great. Full Grand Prix –  April 2019


A bunch of great guys! Took our autistic son for the dual kart experience and by the end if the day he was going round by himself! the guys were brilliant and we really appreciate everything. Access Karting –  April 2019


Great fun. Arrive & Drive –  April 2019


Great day. Took 6 16 year olds….Now they’re buzzing!. Arrive & Drive –  April 2019


Brill!. Arrive & Drive –  April 2019


Very good – you can have a great time with friends. Arrive & Drive –  April 2019


Great value for the kids in the school holidays. Arrive & Drive –  April 2019


Great Fun, I booked for a group of 7 to Arrive & Drive. Friendly and well organised staff and our event ran smoothly. Karts are nice and quick and the track is great fun. Would recommend and go again. Arrive & Drive –  April 2019


The manager on the day was very good Private Hire –  April 2019


Staff were great. All were very friendly. Track time was great. Party bags had a nail in the finger trick in, some of the girls were a bit scared of them. Maybe a bouncy ball or something would be better for just 5 year olds. Thought cake might be car or racing themed- kids weren’t fussed tbh. Might be nice to provide free teas n coffee for the parents when paying so much for a party. It was great and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Would defo recommend to others , thank you. Kubz Party –  April 2019


Ricardo was very friendly. Private Hire –  March 2019


Chap at reception was very good! Private Hire –  March 2019


Brilliant experience. Thank you for a well organised and fun day. Safety was first at hand and made sure everyone was safe and dealt with any incident on the track efficiently. Would highly recommend to anyone. Every staff member was brilliant! Private Hire –  March 2019


Good amount of track time! Fabio, the Race Director, was very good. Full Grand Prix –  March 2019


Friendly & welcoming. Richard the manager was very good. Cadet Party –  March 2019


My son had an amazing time and loved it all as did his friends. As a parent I was a little disappointed with the hosts attitude to the children. He got cross with them for bumping each other, they are 5 years olds driving for the first time, they needed guidance not telling off. It was also a shame that there was no medal presentation, it would have been nice if my son had been made to feel a bit more special as it was his birthday. The party description suggested that he would get a medal. Overall though the kids had an amazing time, thank you.The guy in on the front desk was really friendly and helpful and very understanding when we overran our time in the room. Kubz Party –  January 2019


Had a great time karting for one of our groups birthday, the staff were amazing – very accommodating and extremely helpful. Didn’t feel rushed and was able to go at our own pace. Even helped us take lots of photos. Thanks guys will be coming again very soon!. Arrive & Drive –  February 2019


Brilliant staff. Friendly. Fair. Felt safe with them. Private Hire –  January 2019


It was great. The track is exciting to ride on and the karts go fast enough to feel like it is a real race. The only bad thing was the steering wheel and the gloves made my fingers hurt. I also liked the statistics of your performance after the race Arrive & Drive –  January 2019


Our 10 year old twin boys said it was the best thing that they’ve ever done. Great for me and the little one to spectate too. It is over pretty fast though! 36 laps is a must! Arrive & Drive –  January 2019


Staff are helpful and friendly. We have previously been for arrive and drive but we had it for private hire this time. Both kids and adults had a brilliant time. The karts are fast and the track is good too. Would recommend to others Private Hire –  January 2019


We were greeted by a very happy helpful member of staff (male) . He gave us info in booking in etc . He kept in contact with us verbally whilst we waited for our time on the track . We were early so we happy to watch others while we waited. Only one of our 6 had raced before so it was a new experience to nearly all of us . Watch safety video, I was worried I wouldn’t remember what all the flags meant but once you were on the warm up laps all became a lot clearer . The guys that aided us on the track was very polite and helpful . We had a fantastic time . I can’t think of anything to improve your service . Would love to come again  Arrive & Race –  December 2018


All the staff were very good Full Grand Prix –  December 2018


Being returning customers Anglia indoor Karting since 1990, the personal touch is really appreciated…we cannot fault the evening and a great time is had by all.. Chris was once again absolutely brilliant, however he did say he’s leaving for new adventures and for us he will be missed  Full Grand Prix –  December 2018


All the staff were very friendly and professional Cadet Birthday Party –  December 2018


Really friendly and helpful. My only comment would be that it would have been nice to decide the 2 groups ourselves, rather than having them pre -sorted by you, so that the people that want to race each other are in the same group. Next time I would email you to ask this  Private Hire –  December 2018


Lovely pizza, good instruction and safety, lots of smiling happy staff On the booking side we were not told about having to book a room for eating – minor point but might be worth making sure people know when they book, that if they want to sit and eat pizza they would need to book the upstairs room. Otherwise great experience thank you  Private Hire –  December 2018


Ollie was amazing with the children! One little girl was crying, he reassured her and she really enjoyed herself! so thank you Kubz Party –  December 2018


We really enjoyed our karting experience with you, the safety briefing was thorough and once on the track we really enjoyed the facilities. We were not very impressed with how we were made to wait for an hour before we even got on the track, after arriving on time, as requested. We also had one member of our team not turn up due to sickness but because we pre booked we still had to pay for them, but then to see Arrive and drive customers just turning up and getting on the track before us was not on. We were given a free soft drink in our break but considering we had pre booked, paid for someone who didn’t even drive we were unsatisfied with the organisation of the groups on the day. Arrive & Race –  December 2018


They were a good team working well together Full Grand Prix  –  November 2018


All the staff were friendly and helpful during the booking process on the phone and at the event Mini Grand Prix  –  November 2018


I only dealt with two staff members. Both of which were very friendly and patient, especially as they were dealing with 9 6/7 year old lively children! Also Paul, who I have dealt with via email has been very polite and quick to respond and deal with the issue I did have Kubz Party –  November 2018


All the staff were very good and polite Private Hire –  November 2018


Everything was really well thought out and the staff were professional but made me feel relaxed  100 Lapper –  October 2018


The boys loved the karts and as competitive 15-16 year olds go they enjoyed the whole racing experience and will def be back. All the staff were great  Private Hire –  October 2018


I don’t know their names but both marshals were excellent  Private Hire –  October 2018


Everyone working on Sat 13 OCT from 15:00 was very helpful  Full Grand Prix –  October 2018


Came in a group of 20 squaddies. As you can imagine very competitive. There was a few bumps but the staff didn’t over react. Just the simple warning. Was really good and fluid. Boys had a quality time. The staff were all great and running about the place Full Grand Prix –  October 2018


The main Steward was very helpful. Cadet Birthday Party –  September 2018


All staff were very pleasant and helpful when asked.  Main negative was the difference in speed of the carts. 1 was noticeably slower and 2 were noticeably faster meaning the child who ended up in the slow kart tended not to enjoy it. The finished food could also have been removed to allow for space for the cake etc Kubz Party –  September 2018


All the staff were very helpful Cadet Birthday Party –  September 2018


The staff are great and they know their jobs and responsibilities thoroughly. The Marshals were fair and firm when required. A great fun-filled evening was had by all. I dealt with Joao and Richard who were very friendly, polite and professional – cheers, guys! Thanks! Full Grand Prix –  July 2018


Kept the races moving at a good pace, not much waiting about. Very efficient. Pre race check service good Good selection of helmets and prefer the balaclavas over the old hairnets. Full Grand Prix –  July 2018


Keep doing what your doing!  Full Grand Prix –  July 2018


Pleased that all drivers got 3 races each. The man who helped them into the cars and marshalled the race was good. Cadet Party –  July 2018


Staff were friendly and welcoming. Marshall’s were more than fair with our group. I can’t wait to come back.  Mini Prix –  July 2018


Everyone was friendly and gave us a positive experience We will be back Mini Prix –  June 2018


Very friendly staff. I can’t recollect their names. But they were very good.The room was set up beautifully.  Kubz Party –  June 2018


A most enjoyable experience. The grandchildren really enjoyed themselves. I need to loose some weight to improve my times. We will be back! Many thanks.  Private Hire –  June 2018


It was my stag do , we had a great time. The afternoon went well quick. I’m sure we may come back.  Full Grand Prix –  June 2018


I can’t rate my sons birthday experience highly enough. From the safety to the customer service, I couldn’t fault any of it. Just brilliant all round! Everyone was lovely and extremely helpful. I would like to say an extra thank you to the track supervisor (?!) who did a brilliant job in reassuring my sister and I when he could see we weren’t over-keen on doing the karting! Thanks again! Cadet Party –  June 2018


Great track and great service. Will be back! Private Hire –  June 2018


I must say I was so impressed with the staff at my sons 9th birthday party! They were all so lovely and patient and fun. I’ve already recommended to loads of folks for a birthday party! Great fun!! Thank you Cadet Party –  June 2018


Overall an enjoyable experience. Private Hire –  June 2018


Very helpful with the booking process. I had specific requirements that had to be done for my group to be able to go and they were very helpful and considerate. Signing in was a lot easier with the new IPAD system that had installed and the Karts have been updated from the last time we were there. Private Hire –  May 2018


All staff were helpful in booking in, confirmed safety procedures and helped drivers if they needed assistance. Friendly staff ensured our visit was a safe and enjoyable one. Well done. Private Hire –  May 2018


The party was good and the boys really enjoyed themselves. However it would have been even better if they had an hours karting then food and then another half an hour and then left. I am not sure of the name of our party host but he was great with the boys. Kubz Birthday Party –  May 2018


Staff were very helpful, especially the Marshall who is a Lower Sixth member of the Abbey School. He was very helpful but I’m afraid I didn’t catch his name. Birthday Party –  May 2018


Friendly employees from the outset, nicely organised and ran smoothly. We had a works outing SIG Ltd great night had by all. Thank the staff on my behalf – will return next year. Full Grand Prix –  May 2018


It was all handled very well. A good experience for me and my two sons. All staff were great but the young guy behind reception who registered us and the tall guy on the Karts stood out.  Kids Activity Day –  May 2018


The Marshalls did everything they could to ensure that we had a great time. Private Hire –  April  2018


Excellent lads night….will certainly come back. Excellent value for money . Brilliant staff.  Private Hire –  April  2018


Thank you all so much for making Archie’s karting party this morning so much fun. You were all so helpful and really friendly. Archie and his friends had a great time. Thank you, and we’ll look forward to coming back again soon.  Cadet Birthday Party –  April 2018


Emphasis on safety was excellent.  Private Hire –  April  2018


Overall everything was excellent.  Full Grand Prix –  April  2018


The interaction with the children was great. They had a fantastic time.  Cadet Birthday Party –  April  2018


Food of good quality and the staff member hosting the party was great.  Kubz Birthday Party –  April  2018


Great go Karts Best I’ve ever driven.  Private Hire – March 2018


All the children had a great time and the staff were friendly and helpful. We were also pleased with the cake provided – surprisingly good even though we are used to home made cakes and the children were happy with the picture on the top. Suggested improvement would be to provide candles or suggest that the customer bring them if they want them. The only thing we were not so happy with was the booking in. Despite asking everyone to register in advance, which everyone did, the names did not all appear on the system. Probably because they had forgotten to include the party code. We then had to register them at the screens and found this system difficult to use. Please note question 1 is rated average for the booking in process. The welcome would be rated as excellent if they were separate questions..  Cadet Birthday Party –  March 2018


Great new Karts!  Private Hire – March 2018


Staff were great, made everyone feel welcome and kept us updated, a fab party activity that everyone enjoyed.  Cadet Birthday Party –  March 2018


All the staff were great…very helpful, friendly and accommodating. Pre-ordered food but some pizza wasn’t available.  Cadet Birthday Party –  March 2018


Very helpful and understood staff who assisted us with our visit. Full Grand Prix –  February 2018


All of the Marshal’s and the Manager were very patient and helpful as our party had a wide range of ages from 10 years to 80 years old. Private Hire –  January 2018


Everyone enjoyed the day very much. We are even planning on coming back again later this year! Full Grand Prix –  January 2018


The staff were very helpful when we got into trouble. Very efficient. When I crashed it took less than ten seconds for the Marshals to help me. Private Hire –  January 2018


The training and whole experience was good. Just turn the music down. Private Hire –  January 2018


The races were brilliant and well organised. I felt safe and had a fantastic time. Mini Grand Prix –  January 2018

Emma Morris

Great efficient fun! Very relaxing. Also, great to receive lap time print outs at the end. Private Hire –  December 2017


Chris the race director was totally brilliant! Full Grand Prix –  December 2017


All staff members on duty were amazing and really helpful. Private Hire –  December 2017


Absolutely amazing!! Good work guys! 100 Lapper –  December 2017


Chris the race director was brilliant! Really looked after us. Well done to all the team. Superb time was had at our corporate event. Full Grand Prix –  December 2017


Friendly staff. Private hire –  December 2017


Our trip was a 16th birthday family party and included a range of ages. The staff were all very accomodating and showed good knowledge of their job. One of our family members was unwell for a short time during our visit and the staff looked after him well. Thank you. Private hire –  December 2017


Really nice helpful staff. Private hire –  December 2017


Organised fantastically well. Very slick. Private hire –  December 2017


It was an excellent party. My only feedback would be to deal with all the registration and form filling in advance of the party. Birthday Party –  December 2017

Craig(Hadleigh Tyre group)

Many thanks for a fantastic evening. You were all very accommodating and all the lads said they had a great time!! Private hire –  December 2017


Track was a decent facility and Sam(the Race Director) was excellent Private hire –  November 2017


All the staff were really good. Private hire –  November 2017


The stag event was fantastic. everyone had a great experience. Staff maintained safety for all and ensured a good time. Wouldn’t change anything you did on the day! Full Grand Prix –  November 2017


The marshals were good at getting the races flowing from one to another Full Grand Prix –  November 2017


The ability to communicate via email with staff has been essential for organising my event Private Hire –  November 2017


Decent amount of track time with several heats Mini Grand Prix –  November 2017


All was perfect! Birthday Party –